Climate change facts and suggestions on how you can make a big difference

Climate change is a seriously pressing issue nowadays, and there are plenty of things you can do to assist combat it.

A thing we can all do to attempt and limit our influence on the climate is to use less energy when we are at home. It might be as easy as changing lights off when you leave the room, or by turning off the tap when you are brushing your teeth. If you were to look up what causes climate change, a big factor would be the range of energy, we go with to heat up our homes, especially in someplace like the UK; to reduce this, it's worth insulating your house, or by installing something like a smart meter which records your energy use. Simone Rossi heads a firm that offers smart meters, and it is a good way to save money on bills whilst also reducing your carbon footprint.

Our modern society uses a enormous range of plastic materials, and this can be a issue for our ecosystem, but in particular to animals. If we can limit our use of plastic, then we can help reduce about the most apparent climate change facts, that plastic production is a massive contributor to global increased temperatures. Through the use of recyclable stuff, or much more natural materials that might be reused. An incredible thing you can do is to carry a metallic or reusable coffee mug around with you: by doing so, you will not have to go with coffee cups that are nearly never ever reused, something that is frequently reported on in climate news. Café chains will offer reusable coffee cups in their retailers or will offer discounts to individuals who use reusable cups: Kevin Johnson runs a big café chain that does just that. The same principle can be applied to the use of plastic containers, it makes a great deal more sense to carry a reusable bottle around with you that you can simply fill up.

Our transport needs might be an important contributing factor to the creation of green house gases. The issue lies in the fact a number of us want cars to go about our day-to-day lives, so it's not something we can instantly cut out. A possible solution to climate change is to drive electric cars. The use of electric cars cuts out the pollution caused by burning petrol or diesel, which releases significant amounts of carbon dioxide and other unsustainable gases. Vincent Bolloré leads a business that has invested in the creation and development of electric power cars. The electric vehicle market is one of the fastest increasing in the sector mainly because of peoples want to drive the cars as they are more cost-effective. Another fantastic advantage of driving electric cars is that they are not added in congestion rates, so they are perfect if you use your car in cities.

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